Before Purchase
1. What is FM transmitter?
You can hear sound through FM radio by tuning radio frequency without audio cable.
To install multimedia player in your car you first need to connect audio cable but it is very difficult to connect audio cable in Car. That's why FM transmitter added to AivX. You can see the movie and you can hear MP3 without any car pack system.

2. Does AivX support "Firmware Upgrade"?
AivX supports "Firmware Upgrade".
You can download updated firmware to your PC and copy it to AivX.
Bring your AviX to TV to upgrade the firmware.

3. Can I use AivX in my car?
You can easily set up AivX in your car using optional car options such as cigar jack multi-port, car adaptor, external IR and RCA jack.

4. What's inside AivX Package?
DVP-254 device, remote control(battery included), AV cable(composite), component cable, converting jack for digital 5.1 ch, AC adaptor, USB data cable, software driver CD, carrying bag, user manual, screws, screw driver.
Option: Cigar jack multi-port, car adaptor, external IR, RCA jack

5. Does AivX support DTS audio output?
AivX can't decode DTS, it can transmit DTS file to DTS receiver(decoder).
Thus, you first need DTS receiver to hear DTS format.

6. What kind of video & audio output does AivX support?
Video: Component(Progressive 480p/720p, 1080i), Composite
Audio: 5.1 ch coaxial, 2ch stereo, FM stereo

7. What kind of file system does AivX support?

8. What kind of video & audio format does AivX support?
Video: AVI(DivX 3.x/4.x/5.x, XviD), MPG, VOB
Audio: MP3, WMA, OGG

9. Can it supports updated various video & audio file format?
AivX will support various A/V format by firmware upgrade.

10. What is external IR?
Optional external IR is external receiver for remote control.
It can be attached anywhere you want.
This is very useful in car.

11. Can I listen to music without TV (or monitor) in car?
You can listen to music by using remote control w/o TV.